Parodie de We Found Love (Rihanna)

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Alors que le dernier clip de Rihanna : We Found Love a été censuré par les chaines de TV le trouvant trop « osée » et « choquant » , c’est pas cette parodie qui va calmer les choses. En effet, dans la parodie de We Found Love, on y voit une fille encore plus sexy que Rihanna en porte-jarretelle et son pote Dealer faire des expériences dans un monde rempli de drogue et de sexe


Taking baths while fully clothed
We look cute when we overdose
A shopping cart is our vehicle
We go to drugs, and we don’t do school
We don’t understand why everyone’s annoyed with us.
I bet it’s cus they’re all jealous
We blow smoke in your mothers face
We do meth but we’re in great shape
We don’t know how to use ashtrays
We make love in a homeless mans face
I asked for change not a threesome
Could be worse
We push old people down the stairs
And roll away in their wheelchairs
Being gorgeous has its perks
He forgot how drinking works
And we can’t have sex unless a crowd is watching us
Here comes double decker bus
Our roommate is a talking bug
What’s up?
Did we take too many drugs?
We wound up on doctor Phil
Y’all need to stop screwin’ on ferris wheels
We found love is repetitive
This is no place for a diva to live
It’s time to leave this gross pigsty
Cus I’m Rihanna and you’re just some guy
Bye bye

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